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Microscopes in Dentistry

Operating microscopes have been used for decades in many other medical disciplines: ophthalmology (eye surgery), neurosurgery (brain surgery), reconstructive surgery, otorhinolaryngology (ENT), and vascular surgery (blood vessels). Its introduction into dentistry in the last twenty years has revolutionized how dentistry is practiced

The value of high magnification in clinical medicine (via a surgical microscope) has been well known for around 50 years or so and the same benefit of magnification is also carried to the dental operatory.

Dental Operating Microscopes, or dental surgical microscopes, are designed to provide ideal magnification of the area of the mouth being worked to obtain an optimal view of the working area, and focus on the patient. The microscopes are most often used during endodontic procedures, the enhanced magnification they provide can be ideal for use during oral surgery, laser dentistry, restorative procedures, and a range of other clinical situations. Videos and photographs also can be recorder to allow for documentation of treatments, and further evaluation.